Monday, September 2, 2013

What are the health benefits of ladies finger?

Abelmoschus esculentus is the botanical name of ladies finger.  Common names of this vegetable is vendakkai in tamil, bendakaya in telugu, okra in English, bhendi in hindi, gumbo in French. 

Ladies finger origin is at South Asia, Ethiopian and West Africa.  This vegetable contains vitamin B5, vitamin C, fiver, and folic acid.  For the purpose of preservation you have to keep in the refrigerator. 

Ladies finger uses
This vegetable is used in the cuisines of Africa, India, Middle Eastern and Caribbean.  It is popular in the regions of United States.  It is utilized in preparing sauces, salads, curries and soups.  Ladies finger young leaves are used as the spinach in West Africa and Southeast Asia.  For storage purpose, the leaves of ladies finger plant are grinded into powder. It is used at any time when cooking.  

Ladies finger health benefits

  •     Cholesterol level will be decreased when taken ladies finger regularly.

  1. ·         You should soak raw ladies finger in water the whole night and taken the next day early morning in empty stomach for the purpose of reducing cholesterol in the blood.
    ·         Make ladies finger into paste and apply on rashes in the skin and burns to heal.
    ·         For the purpose of sinus infections this vegetable is very good.
    ·         It gives protection for sensitive duodenal as well as gets relief from pain.
    ·         It prevents teeth cavities since it contains flavonoids.
    ·         It enhances skin texture and gives shining, since it has vitamins.
    ·         It is very useful in blood clotting and bones, because it has vitamin K.
    ·         As a regular diet if you take ladies finger, surely it enhances healing process as well as strengthens the colon.
    ·         If you eat ladies finger, it stimulates the nerve functioning well.  For nerve functioning well, potassium is needed.  Potassium is present in ladies finger.
    ·         For the purpose of process of digestion and functioning properly this vegetable is very beneficial, because it contains dietary fiber. Fiber is very essential for digestion process as well as protection constipation problems.
    ·         Vitamin C is important for asthma related problems.  Those who are suffering from asthma it is very beneficial.
    ·         For anxiety, depression, weakness, and cataract this vegetable is very good.
    ·         It also protects skin related problems such as pimples. It also keeps the skin smooth and beautiful.
    ·         Studying children must eat ladies finger in raw form or used in cooking for increasing memory power.
    ·         It is very beneficial for lung inflammations, sore throat and irritation in the bowel syndrome.
    The leaves are very good for health since it contains vitamins.  Vitamins are essential for reproduction, division of cells, and growth of bones, eye vision and immune system

Other uses of Ladies finger
Ladies finger pod is consumed regularly.  It has calcium, potassium, manganese, iron and magnesium.  You can make raw ladies finger into small pieces and add vinegar or lime juice and pepper.  You can make this vegetable as pickle.  Ladies finger fiber is used in paper production.
You should add ladies finger in the dietary regimen.  Daily taking this vegetable helps to increase memory power, enhancing your immune system.