Thursday, December 27, 2012

Uses and health benefits of hibiscus sabdariffa (gongura in telugu)

Uses of hibiscus sabdariffa (gongura in telugu)
Hibiscus sabdariffa has several culinary uses.  The most famous is pickled version.  The leaves of hibiscus sabdariffa are used for flavor soups as well as tender leaves are used as the salad green.  They are also added for the sake of refreshing touch to all sandwiches.  Recipes that are well known are made up of hibiscus sabdariffa as main ingredient for making dhal and pickle.  Apart from curries several varieties pickles are made up of hibiscus sabdariffa. 

Health benefits of hibiscus sabdariffa
Hibiscus sabdariffa is rich in lutein, vitamin A. vitamin C and iron that are maintained for eye vision. 

Leaves that are fresh have properties of anti-bacteria.
As cooling drink, hibiscus sabdariffa is used to relieve from fever symptoms.
Fresh leaves are used for motivating the enzymes of stomach that aids in the purpose of digestion. 

Parts used: seeds, leaves, flowers and roots

Tea for ague fever and hot flashes
You should add four ounces of dried or fresh roots or leaves or flowers to four cups of boiling water.  After half an hour strain it.  You will get four cups of tea decoction. Cool this decoction and drink it straightly now and then if required.

Tea for blood purifying and for worms
You should add one ounce of hibiscus sabdariffa seeds to two cups of boiling water.  Slow flame should be kept. You should sim for ten minutes.  Then make it cool and strain it.  It makes two cups. Straightly you should drink it.  You should drink two times a day for seven days.  Then you should skip for three days, and then repeat the same procedure until the symptoms goes away. 

Tea for the purpose of invest stings
You should add one ounce of seeds, leaves and ground roots which is combined to two cups of boiling water.  Two to three minutes you should keep in slow flame and heat it.  Close with a lid and keep it for fifteen minutes.  Strain off the tea. It makes nearly two cups. 
You should apply wet warm tea to the stings.  Until the sting heals you should apply this tea. 

Tea for kidney stones and jaundice
You should ass one ounce of dried and fresh ground hibiscus sabdariffa root to four cups of boiling water.  Keep the flam slimmer for five minutes and then keep it until it becomes cool.  It makes six doses. 
You should drink only one dose thrice a day for fifteen days.  Then you should skip for a week, then repeat the same procedure if required.  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to prepare soursop juice with watermelon

Soursop fruit is a wonder fruit that is obtained naturally and it became wonderful medicine for all the diseases in the world. It is sour fruit and tastes sweet with skin rough and black seeds that is wrapped around the bulkhead and it is believed that it has 10,000 times than the treatment of chemotherapy. 

About the soursop been benefits it has been published in journals that the research has been conducted in South Korea catholic university.  The study has been mentioned that soursop fruit is able to get rid of cells of colon cancer.

While research has been conducted in purdue university that leaves of soursop fruit has also contains good remedies for many diseases.  By drinking soursop tea it kills lung, prostate and pancreas cancer cells.  Soursop fruit has been originated from the country of brazil.  The fruit can be eaten raw or blended with apple vinegar, ice cream, lemon juice, orange juice etc.  This is a recipe that you can prepare soursop juice with water melon which is healthy as well as delicious. 

Ingredients needed to prepare soursop juice

  • 500 grams of soursop
  • 450 grams of water melon
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice
  • For taste you can add ice cubes

What is needed to prepare juice?

  1. Prepare a stemmed glasses and blender.
  2. Soursop blender with water melon until it becomes smooth paste, then add juice of lemon or orange as per your taste.
  3. Pour the prepared juice in the glasses as well as add ice cubes for the purpose of taste.

Benefits to the health

  • It lowers the levels of cholesterol.
  • It makes digestion properly.
  • It is useful for treating cancer and tumors.

How to prepare soursop tea

Many people come to know that soursop as graviola or guanabana in Spanish.  The properties and medicinal uses include treating cough, fevers, and bedbugs as well as sleep disorders. 

However, recently it has been increased more demand for soursop fruits due to the fact of medicinal value that some researchers and studies recommend that soursop is used for the treatment as well as for curing cancer.

Some questions are arising by many of them like how to prepare soursop tea using the leaves of soursop.  Traditionally it has been explained how to prepare soursop tea with leaves in the below paragraph.

For one serving:
How to prepare soursop tea for the purpose of medical usage:

  1. Take two or three leaves of soursop from the tree of soursop.  Make sure that the soursop leaves should not be too mature.  Normally the matured leaves will be deep green color.
  2. You should pour one cup water in a vessel and make it boil.
  3. Make small pieces the soursop leaves, i.e. make one leaf into three pieces.
  4. Place the leaves of soursop in the glass and pour hot water into it.  Then cover with a lid and wait for half an hour or one hour. 
  5. Filter the decoction obtained from it.
  6. You can add milk and sugar for the purposes of tasty. 
  7. You can drink this tea cold or warm.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Extract of soursop

The tree of soursop is same as the custard apple tree. This tree is extremely very useful as well as beneficial.  The extract of soursop is has been taken from soursop tree.  Everyone should read this article and learn about extract of soursop, its benefits as well as methods of extract are used.

The extract of soursop is used since many centuries ago by natives of the river basin Amazon where this soursop tree is originated. Each and every part of this tree is used for the purpose treating several diseases as well as ailments.  Recently, some researchers have been found out that this plant is having some chemicals in it that helps to treat cancer.  At present some of the companies are making extract of soursop and made available in various forms such as pills, powder and liquid.  Soursop benefits can be enjoyed by taking the bark, leaves and fruits of soursop tree in many ways.

Soursop tree

The tree of soursop is found in the native of evergreen forest Amazon.  It is also found in the countries of Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan regions of Africa. The tree is very small and it grows only at a height of 5 to 6 meters.  The soursop tree needs high humidity and warm temperature to survive and grow.  If the climate is very cold, this tree will die. 

Benefits of Soursop tree extract

Soursop is traditionally in use for the purpose of curing inflammatory conditions such as cough and flu.  In olden days people used to mix extract of soursop tree from stem, leaves and roots for making tea as well as other solutions that are given to the people who are suffering from several diseases.  Its solution is applied for the sake of treating joint pains, arthritis and rheumatism. 

The extract of soursop is having annonaceous acetogenin.  This chemical is proven in fighting the cancerous cells because of its strong anti-parasitic, anti-tumorous and antimicrobial qualities.  Medical practitioners are already begun to include soursop as the supplement for several treatments of cancer.
It has also proven that it contain alkaloids which brings down the depression effects.  Alkaloids stimulates in taking of serotonin which is present in the brain that controls the feelings of happiness and joy.  Thereby it elevates person’s mood as well as remove depression. 

The extract of soursop is taken from the leaves as well as forms the part of several medications that are prescribed for the sake of curing people who are suffering from blood pressure high, parasitic infection, fungal infection, disorders of nerves and stress. 

Ways of using soursop

Soursop fruit

Soursop fruit is available all over the markets that are consumed directly.  This fruit taste will be sour and it is used along with drinks and frozen desserts.  Soursop fruit juice will stop diarrhea, fight parasites that are present in intestine and resude fever. 

Soursop oil

Soursop oil is extracted from the leaves.  Soursop leaves are crushed with raw fruit and it is mixed with the olive oil.  This mixed oil is used for treating several skin disorders such as sores, boils and rashes.

Soursop seeds

Soursop seeds are crushed and make it as a powder, and then it is used for treating internal and external parasites.  Soursop seeds powder is very effective pesticides as well as helps to remove head lice.

Soursop tea

Soursop tea is prepared from the leaves of soursop.  A lot of illness such as diabetes, hypertension and insomnia are treated with soursop tea which is of bitter taste.  

There are few medial situations of a person requires to be awake of utilizing any type of extract of soursop.  People who are suffering with problems related to blood pressure or any type of diseases of heart will face lot of difficulties after utilizing soursop, as this is called as the hypertensive agent.  Soursop reacts with few medications in human body such as antidepressants and MAO inhibitors.  Hence, it is suggested to take advice from the doctor in advance before taking any kind of soursop. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Benefits of Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is portion of the structure of humic-rich compost of soil. It is committed to rot in the soil environment and plant enough oxygen due to bacterial action of millions of microorganisms, which was created with very little acid. Fulvic acid is typically carries more than 70 minerals and bit elements as a part of a molecular complex. They are naturally absorbed by roots of plant and are then ideal to interact with breathing cells.

Fulvic acid benefits

Scientists have freshly reviewing fulvic acid have come and a few surprising facts. They are told that fulvic acids are one of the optimum electrolytes notorious to man. It is the human production of enzymes, hormones and structural support is required for the use of vitamins. That are in carrying out the metabolic processes has been found to be essential for living cells.

Fulvic acid is dissolved complexes of elements, mineral, and cells or cubicles to bio-respond electrically with another causing catalytic reaction, transmutation and transfer of electron into fresh minerals.  It is a known free scavenger of radical and also the most potent antioxidants. Fulvic acids can detoxify pollutants and heavy metals as well as clean. Fulvic acid benefits to redress the imbalance of the cells.

Motivates immune system

Fulvic acid is formed by the decomposition of the material so that once lived, fulvic acid in nature, in the form of complete plants, and includes hidden treasures of the past to their own process of recycling. Metal, complexes of trace elements and minerals including fulvic acid grow into an extra bonus to the marvel of fulvic acid.

One among the most exhilarating features of fulvic acid is a powerful and dissimilar band of immune response it stimulates the human physique. It is viral pathogens, improves the body's ability to move forward, and all kinds of bacterial infections. It not merely bolsters the immune power and to modulate the immune structure or system.

The old-style medical rights of nerve, muscle rehabilitation and bone, the dealing of elder people complaints as well as diabetes, allergic and arthritis manifestation along with dementia is currently in the many physicians and other pharmacologist, scientists have proven that together with their mode of action.

Contains of Fulvic acid, and motivates an assortment of various powerful of defense appliance. It stimulates the gland of thymus ability to introduce white blood cells and it produces antibodies that closely involved in the response of body’s immune. Fulvic acids is also activated, and rise the body’s creation of T cells killer and macrophages. Macrophages ingest foreign attackers, while T-cells killer seek out as well as destroy them.

External applications of fulvic acid are very powerful anti-microbial, anti-rheumatic, anti-virus and anti-fungal agent helps in the handling of contusion, haematoma, polyarthritis, osteoarthritis and arthritis.  Take orally is to prevent stomach troubles and intestinal troubles include dysentery, gastric ulcers, colitis and gastroenteritis.  And it is very useful to treat the common cold; respiratory illness and bronchial asthma are rapidly cured by regular use of fulvic acid.

Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

Anxiety has been known to decay to be alive of hundreds. Be a stressful and anxiety can cause people to escape certain situations. It can be precise devastating for everyone, cause for concern, as it may help to affluence several of the anxiety that you can begin to feel like your old identity there are techniques that can mitigate anxiety. By performing these relaxation techniques for anxiety these exercise is a good opportunity to like the happiness you have experienced.

Muscle relaxation techniques- This method is thought as one of the best lessening techniques for anxiety. When you are causing your anxiety attack at any time, you will notice that your muscles are very tense area between your shoulder and ear. Or be seated comfortably beside the need to do is shot to move in your body muscle, relax tense muscles and periodically thereafter.

For example, starting with your feet, your toes to crumple, then you can release them. Until you reach your shoulder, then on your calves, thighs and you can proceed. Do not fail to recall nervous and unwind the muscles in your fingers, face and arm as well.

It is for anxiety, it is possible to cure your anxiety attacks are to be aware that these relaxation techniques that are not very important. Uncertainty you are considering for you to completely eliminate your anxiety, you need to treat the root because that causes the onset of a repeat attack. Panic and Anxiety attacks are actually the signs that warn your body, spirit and mind are not synchronized that the oxygen you need and your brain and body.

Hot Water Bath – All you want to do is filling out the bath with steam water and add baking soda one cup and Epsom salt one cup; this will aid to remove venom from your physique through your skin. In addition, Epsom salts and baking soda are quite useful freeing your body and mind from negative vigor. If you choose to use your bath these mornings, then you need to allow some time you should allow taking a nap. To get the good results, soak in the bath for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

Breathe – every time you are suffering anxiety attacks, please try to breathe. This must be your focus point. Take a profound breath from your nose, your lungs and "focus on filling the lower lobes. Then you need to release the mid-air from your mouth, and even left with nothing, all air you must focus on freeing. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – EFT includes a sequence of taps are complete along the vigor lines of the face and body. Anxiety is one type of confined energy, EFT and dividing this energy, it is useful to be released.

Try writing –.Take time to consider about the anxiety that is causing your anxiety attacks, and then you need to get specific books and paper, and then describe exactly how you feel. Please do not judge by what you are writing. Just over your head, take period to write accurately what is happening.

This relaxation technique for anxiety is very effective once used appropriately. You to get immediate relief from anxiety, you need to give anxiety to try these relaxation techniques.