Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to reduce over weight? Preventions while reducing weight?

Treatment/ How to reduce over weight/Obesity?

Since obesity is caused by excess calorie intake and lack of exercise, the main principles involved in the treatment are:

  • Reduced Calorie intake, and
  • Increased Physical Activity
Reduced diet:
The aim of reducing calorie intake is to produce a calorie deficiency in the body which will result in utilization of fat stored in the adipose tissue to meet the calorie needs.  A reducing diet should normally provide only about half the daily calorie requirements.  Reducing diets at varying costs for adults providing 1100 and 1300 K calories are given.

Increase Exercise:
Moderate exercise helps to burn up more energy and prevent increase in body weight in normal persons consuming diets just adequate in calories.  For example, walking three miles a day will require 300 K calories.

Weight maintenance diets:
The composition of weight maintenance diets for adults at varying costs providing 1500 and 1800 K calories is given.  Consumption of these diets by adults will help to maintain the body weight at constant level.

Prevention for Obesity
Prevention of obesity is by avoidance of eating frequent and excessive foods which contains rich in high calories such as sweets, nuts, and fried foods.
By doing moderate exercise you can prevent from obesity.
You should maintain body weight by consuming normal level of calorie.
Nutrition education for mothers as well as children helps to prevent from incidence of obesity.

How is Obesity Measured and Problem caused due to Obesity?

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