Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to prepare soursop tea

Many people come to know that soursop as graviola or guanabana in Spanish.  The properties and medicinal uses include treating cough, fevers, and bedbugs as well as sleep disorders. 

However, recently it has been increased more demand for soursop fruits due to the fact of medicinal value that some researchers and studies recommend that soursop is used for the treatment as well as for curing cancer.

Some questions are arising by many of them like how to prepare soursop tea using the leaves of soursop.  Traditionally it has been explained how to prepare soursop tea with leaves in the below paragraph.

For one serving:
How to prepare soursop tea for the purpose of medical usage:

  1. Take two or three leaves of soursop from the tree of soursop.  Make sure that the soursop leaves should not be too mature.  Normally the matured leaves will be deep green color.
  2. You should pour one cup water in a vessel and make it boil.
  3. Make small pieces the soursop leaves, i.e. make one leaf into three pieces.
  4. Place the leaves of soursop in the glass and pour hot water into it.  Then cover with a lid and wait for half an hour or one hour. 
  5. Filter the decoction obtained from it.
  6. You can add milk and sugar for the purposes of tasty. 
  7. You can drink this tea cold or warm.

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