Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to prepare soursop juice with watermelon

Soursop fruit is a wonder fruit that is obtained naturally and it became wonderful medicine for all the diseases in the world. It is sour fruit and tastes sweet with skin rough and black seeds that is wrapped around the bulkhead and it is believed that it has 10,000 times than the treatment of chemotherapy. 

About the soursop been benefits it has been published in journals that the research has been conducted in South Korea catholic university.  The study has been mentioned that soursop fruit is able to get rid of cells of colon cancer.

While research has been conducted in purdue university that leaves of soursop fruit has also contains good remedies for many diseases.  By drinking soursop tea it kills lung, prostate and pancreas cancer cells.  Soursop fruit has been originated from the country of brazil.  The fruit can be eaten raw or blended with apple vinegar, ice cream, lemon juice, orange juice etc.  This is a recipe that you can prepare soursop juice with water melon which is healthy as well as delicious. 

Ingredients needed to prepare soursop juice

  • 500 grams of soursop
  • 450 grams of water melon
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice
  • For taste you can add ice cubes

What is needed to prepare juice?

  1. Prepare a stemmed glasses and blender.
  2. Soursop blender with water melon until it becomes smooth paste, then add juice of lemon or orange as per your taste.
  3. Pour the prepared juice in the glasses as well as add ice cubes for the purpose of taste.

Benefits to the health

  • It lowers the levels of cholesterol.
  • It makes digestion properly.
  • It is useful for treating cancer and tumors.

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