Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Allergic eczema

Children are prone to allergic eczema though it occurs at any stage.  Eczema emerges mostly over the upper lip, lower lip, and chin, around and in the ears, cheeks, and scalp.  Initial scratches consist of redness and dryness, with pinhead like rashes.  Soon after oozes out or serum spurts from these scratches and spreads all over the surrounding parts.  Ultimately crusts are formed on the serum below them.  When these crusts are scratched, because of severe itching, there will be serum, blood or oozing pus.  During this stage you will have slight fever with desire to stretch that really worsens the problem.  Continued scratching or rubbing will cause the skin thickening.  Skin swelling also will be seen.  The color of the skin will seem to be dark color, thick and is thick. 

Eczema causes

  • Susceptibility to pollens, dusts, drinks and some foods.
  • Among children food allergy is most common.
  • Inhalant allergens cause eczema in adults.
  • Sudden or rapid changes in the conditions of weather as well as exposure thereto. 
  • Dust loaded in environments.
  • Oils, toilet soaps, deodorants and cleaning agents.
  • Contact with topical medicines that are greasy.
  • Infections due to heat, snow, cold of skin and sinusitis.
  • Use of nylon clothes or synthetic clothes, shoes, rubber slippers, or stockings.
  • Leather shoes that are made up of infected animal skin.

Eczema treatment

You should apply oil or cream the affected area to keep the skin glazed and moist.  In few cases creams of antihistamine will not remove itching, whereas in some obstinate and intractable incases, drugs or creams of corticosteroids can be used.  

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