Saturday, October 8, 2011

Arthritis and its treatment

Any inflammation or severe pain in the joints is known as arthritis. The causes of Arthritis are stiffness, pain and swelling in the joints.  Weather dampness, anxiety, over weight, and ill treatment to the joints at play or at work can make arthritis symptoms.

The onset of arthritis is brought by damage to the smooth surfaces where two bones join caused by injury, a progressive wearing away with age, or illness, such as crystal deposits from gout or tumors that push the joint out of position.  The most common cause is rheumatoid arthritis which causes inflammation in the synovium, a thin membrane that lines and lubricates the joint.  The inflammation ultimately destroys the elastic tissue that lines the joint, the cartilage.  The cartilage is replaced by scar tissue, and the joint becomes swollen, deformed and painful.

The most effective treatment for arthritis includes drug therapy, exercise and rest.  Aspirin is the drug most commonly prescribed for arthritis.  Two or three tablets several times a day may reduce inflammation and relieve pain.  Non aspirin pain relievers may also be effective.  Daily exercise is important to preserve mobility in the arthritic joints.  Moist heat is often recommended to reduce pain and improve mobility.

The most effective natural treatment for arthritis is sea bathing.  You can make garlic paste add in mustard oil, and then heat it slowly.  Then apply this oil two or three times daily.  You can also apply olive oil two or three times daily to get relief from arthritis pain.  Another natural treatment is adding a teaspoonful crystal salt in hot water.  Keep your both legs in the salt water for ten to fifteen minutes daily.  This also gets relief from arthritis pain.

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