Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cosmetic dentures and their types

You can call cosmetic dentures as false teeth.  Cosmetic dentures are artificial teeth appliances that are built to replace missing teeth.  And dental implants and bridges that are permanently attached to the bone, unlike dental bridges are attached to support the structure.  This enables them easier as well as removable for the purposes of maintaining and cleaning. 

Affordable dentures are prepared from predictable plastic teeth whereas porcelain dentures are little bit more expensive. 

The different types of cosmetic dentures includes in the following paragraphs.  

Full or complete denture is intended for patients who have lost all their teeth either-or both the arches.   They take for a moment to obtain their adjustments depending up on various factors such as tongue, bone, saliva and muscles of oral cavity. 

Partial denture or removable dentures are utilized to correct the gaps when some of the teeth are not there.  These dentures are being fixed to the normal teeth from replacing the position.  They help for the sake of preventing further tooth occurrence of periodontal diseases.  There are various types of dentures that are removable such as valplast, cast metal, flippers and flexible framework, etc. 

Immediate dentures, the name itself suggests that when the patient brings his or her tooth extraction is performed.  Adjustments will be done at once then the process of healing completed.

Advantages of cosmetic dentures

From the view of orthodontic, cosmetic dentures have many benefits.  Your teeth will give adequate shape to your face, cheeks and jaws.  Hence, loss of tooth severely changes the appearance of the face of a person looks older even he or she is young.  Wearing these cosmetic dentures it maintains the face shape as well as jaw shape. 

When you lost some of your teeth, for those who stay can begin to move away from normal position that causes misalignment.  Wearing these cosmetic dentures you can prevent from misalignment. 

Cosmetic dentures help to strengthen the muscles of the face that controls your expressions, chewing and proper pronunciation of words.  These dentures are also helpful for preventing loss of bone density of jaw or bone atrophy because of deficiency of vital nutrients supply in that particular part.   

Cosmetic dentures are very expensive as well as very useful for dental implants.  The charge may be around five hundred to two thousand dollars.  You should do some research for the sake of cosmetic dentists who are well experienced.  If you do dental insurance, then it will be very helpful at this time.  When you go for cosmetic dentures, much of the costs of the dentals will be covered by the medical insurance.  The remaining amount you should pay from your pocket if necessary. 

Thus, cosmetic dentures look same like the natural teeth.  The requirement needed to perform cosmetic dentures is that patients should have healthy gums, and then only they can do these dentures. The design of cosmetic dentures is made for the sake of tooth shape and face shape.  These dentures are also called as facelift or neuromuscular dentures.  Cosmetic dentures are manufactured from cobalt chromium or with acrylic.  


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