Monday, October 3, 2011

Osteoarthritis Treatment and Recommendation

The condition of osteoarthritis in which that the body joints are disrupted and damaged smoothly in the surfaces of cartilages. The main symptoms are changes in the bone size, swelling and pain.

The factors that predispose humans in the direction of osteoarthritis such as cold climate, more physical activity, injury, genetics as well as high diet in the products of animals. Caveman during ice age possess all the above predisposing factors, they might have suffering from arthritis. The indications are also read with their damaged bones. Osteoarthritis pain increases with improves and usage at rest. At the end, there is no medicines yet prescribed for this problems. This pain tends for the purposes of fluctuated with patterns of weather, responding both to temperatures as well as changes in the barometric pressure.

 The medical treatment conventionally for the sake of osteoarthritis and contains primarily for painkillers such as drugs for anti inflammatory. Recently, cayenne pepper extracts have been founded their path into the conventional medicine. Cayenne cream should be applied regularly in the affected joints. By applying this cream the pain will be gradually decreased.

Osteoarthritis treatment involves supplement of glucosamine sulfate. This supplement is natural chemical occurring and it is used for the body. This is important element for the bone cartilage. The study of has shown that supplementation with the help of glucosamine will get pain relief of this problem of osteoarthritis than the conventional medicines.

Recommendation of diets is also necessary for osteoarthritis. This includes decreasing products of animals other than magnesium supplements, calcium, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and fish. In combination, dietary changes, boron and glucosamine are moderately very effective in some of the cases of osteoarthritis. It is recommended to avoid some foods such as potatoes, eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. Sometimes, acupuncture treatment is also very effective for pain relief.

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