Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Appendix, symptoms and treatment

A pouch that is worm shaped in the starting portion of large intestine that is the appendix.  It is situated in the right lower quadrant of abdomen.  The inflammation of appendix is called as appendicitis.  The cause of inflammation is normally an infection following the blockage of appendix.  This is caused due to hardened stool that may stick in appendix.  On the other hand, tissue of lymph in appendix becomes obstructs and inflames the appendix.  In several cases, the exact cause of inflammation is not identified.

The first main symptom of appendicitis is pain in the abdomen. The pain may be a sharp colic pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen as well as back and the rectum.  And other symptoms includes nausea, vomiting, fever may be more than 100 degree, abdominal cramps, abdominal tenderness, less appetite, painful urinations, and diarrhea or constipation. 

Some facts regarding the inflammation of appendix are given below:

  • Appendicitis is caused due to infection in the portion of appendix; normally it is the blockage of appendix. 
  • Several conditions can imitate appendicitis.
  • CT scanning, ultrasound, X-rays, urine examination, rectal examination and blood (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) examination is helpful when identifying appendicitis.  
  • You cannot identify with single test to diagnose the appendicitis.
  • You should not delay to perform surgery when there is appendix rupture in serious complications. 

The average length of the appendix is 11 centimeters, but it will range from two to twenty centimeters.  The diameter is in between seven and eight millimeters.  The structure of the appendix in human is vestigial structure. 

The physical examination and history collection leads to the right diagnosis of appendicitis.  Normally it will be moderate tenderness to severe tenderness in the right lower quadrant of abdomen when your doctor pushes the particular area.  Frequently there will be rebound tenderness, that means when your doctor pushes the abdomen and quickly release the pressure, there will be severe pain.   The treatment for appendicitis is only performing surgery; there is no other treatment for solving this problem.   The surgery can be done either open or laparoscopy surgery. Laparoscopy surgical technique, small incision is made in your abdomen a fibro optic camera is inserted in the pole.  It is easily visualize the appendix and remove the inflamed part.  During performing these surgeries general anesthesia is essential. 

During the time of operation if there is not rupture in the area of appendix, your doctor will send you to your home within a couple of days from the place where you have admitted in the hospital.  In case if there is rupture in the portion of appendix, you have to stay in the hospital for at least a week.  It depends upon the condition of your body.   

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