Monday, October 3, 2011

Spines Treatment Procedures

Spines treatment is big group of doctors from the different specialist to come simultaneously is to provide special care for the patients with complain of back pain.

All physicians can diagnoses the accurate problem of the patient with the help of X rays, CT scan, MRI scans, as well as spinal injection.  The orthophysician they treat the patient for complain of back pain. 

Spinal treatment includes any invasive procedure, arthroscopic surgery, and they perform many traditional surgeries such as fusions, with the help of newest technology.  We mainly specialize for treating the patients are unsuccessful in back surgery. 

For Spinal pain the doctor will give the pain killer medication such as ibuprofen or aspirin that are hold up the pain.  Non steroid anti inflammatory drugs also reduce the prostaglandins production, blood formed substances that are promote clotting as well wound healing, induce the nerve sensitivity in the injury site and it will reduce the spine pain.  

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